EP35 – Duane Barney | Business Blueprint

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Duane Barney

Business Blueprint Inc

Join host Dave Perrotti as he welcomes back Duane Barney of Business Blueprint to Fine Home Talks for an enlightening discussion on achieving profitability in the construction business. This episode delves deep into Duane’s personal experiences and the lessons learned from both successes and setbacks in his career. They explore crucial topics such as the importance of understanding job costing, the implications of markup vs. margin, and practical strategies for business owners to ensure their operations are profitable. Duane shares his wisdom on the common pitfalls in pricing and project management that can lead to financial distress and how to navigate these challenges to build a sustainable business.

Topics covered include:

  • Insights into the transition from operating at a loss to understanding the nuances of profitability.
  • The critical role of accurate job costing and its impact on business sustainability.
  • Strategies for setting appropriate markups and margins to cover overhead and ensure profit.
  • The importance of financial literacy in construction and how it can prevent common business failures.
  • Duane’s journey from struggling business owner to industry mentor and the lessons he imparts to other builders and remodelers.

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