EP37 – Zac Neville | ZN Construction

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Zac Neville

ZN Construction

Join Dave Perrotti as he sits down with Zac from Z&N Construction to uncover the secrets of scaling a construction business successfully. Zac shares his journey from military service to founding his own construction firm, offering key insights into the challenges and strategies that have shaped his business. They discuss the critical aspects of business growth, from mastering job costing and financial planning to effectively managing a team and ensuring quality control. Zac also delves into the importance of adapting business models in response to economic changes and the role of technology in streamlining operations.

Topics covered include:

  • Transition from military to construction entrepreneurship.
  • Strategies for effective business scaling and financial management in construction.
  • The impact of economic fluctuations on pricing and business operations.
  • The importance of technology and systems in managing construction projects.
  • Real-life challenges and solutions in growing a construction business.