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As President and Founder of Fine Home Contracting LLC, David Perrotti shares his expertise with homeowners across Connecticut to help them with all of their lender-financing needs. With this book as your guide, the home you envision is just within reach.

About the Book

Do you want to turn an old house into your home? Perhaps you love the house’s historic feel but dream about making it “your own” with restorations and cosmetic updates. You probably have many questions and fears, such as…

  • Is renovation right for me?

  • Will it be costly and complicated?

  • Am I capable of hiring a large team and helping to make decisions about the home of my dreams?

  • Will the project be over budget, over schedule, and ultimately, a money pit?

Don’t allow these fears to hold you back from the gratifying experience of renovating your home into a place for you and your family to grow and thrive for years to come. Renovation lending is the most straightforward, cost-effective path to reach your final goal. Allow me to guide you through the process from start to finish as we discuss loan options, choosing the right team of professionals, and what to expect along the way. I’ll discuss common mistakes and things to avoid to save you valuable time and energy.

About David Perrotti

David Perrotti is President and Founder of Fine Home Contracting LLC. He often tells his team that it is their mission to reinvent the remodeling experience. Every project is evaluated not only on the quality of work performed and pricing but how the overall customer experience can be improved. After all, home renovation is a substantial investment. Elevating industry standards is of utmost importance to David and his team at Fine Home Contracting LLC, simply because their customers deserve it.

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