EP36 – Teresa Peruzzi | Tile America

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Teresa Peruzzi

Tile America

Join host Sarah Perrotti for an engaging episode of Fine Home Talks with Teresa Perruzzi from Tile America, where they dive into the latest trends and essential tips in tile selection and installation. Teresa discusses the role of an outside sales rep in facilitating seamless collaborations among builders, designers, and clients, ensuring the tile selection process enhances both the aesthetic and functional aspects of any space. They cover everything from the importance of starting with a clear budget to choosing the right tile for specific applications, and even the impact of water quality on tile maintenance.

Topics covered include:

  • Teresa’s approach to assisting clients with tile choices, keeping budget and design in harmony.
  • The significance of understanding the full scope of a tiling project, from initial budgeting to final installation.
  • Current trends in tile, such as large-format pieces and the use of natural textures.
  • Practical considerations for tile maintenance and the selection process to ensure longevity and satisfaction.
  • Insight into how Tile America helps clients navigate the overwhelming array of options in tile design.