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Connecticut Home Additions2023-10-10T13:26:45+00:00

Home Additions Made Easy

All Inclusive Design + Build Addition Services

Architectural Plans

Interior Design

Building Management

  • Second Story Additions

  • Attached Garages
  • In-Law Suites
  • Bump-out Additions
  • Master Suite Additions

Get Started With our Design + Build Experience

Starting An Addition? We’re here to help.

Our Design + Build process ensures that your addition project is assessed for feasibility, accurately quoted, and masterfully executed, all under one roof.

Design + Planning

Dedicated in-house interior designers

Permitting + Scheduling

We’ve worked with your local building department, and know what to expect.

Demolition + Installation

All your trades in one place.

Finishing + Inspections

We handle home inspectors, finishing touches, and never leave until you’re satisfied.

What’s Included?

  • Planning + Design
  • Permitting + Scheduling
  • Sourcing Materials
  • Demolition + Installation
  • Inspections + Finishing Touches

Why Choose Fine Home?

Our process is built around your needs: Sit back and relax knowing your addition is in good hands, or keep tabs get involved using our dedicated project management software.

  • Dedicated Addition Experts On Staff
  • Industry-leading Project Management Software
  • Communication & Scheduling management
  • In-House Interior Design Team
  • Architectural Services Available
  • Finish your project all in one place, without juggling multiple contractors.

“Stephanie was AWESOME to work with! She was very responsive and down to earth. She made it very comfortable to be able to talk to her and bounce ideas off of each other. Her ideas for my bathroom remodel were spot on! My parents’ new bathroom and closet are beautiful thanks to Stephanie!”

Janice P, Fine Home Contracting

My experience with Fine Home was phenomenal. My designer, Stephanie, was creative, knowledgeable and so instrumental in creating the perfect kitchen design. Aric, and Kryz were so proficient and effective. We had a great rapport. I definitely will be acquiring Fine Home for my next project.

Donna V, Fine Home Contracting

Their professionalism throughout the entire project was remarkable, with a high level of skill and craftsmanship, delivering exceptional quality work. Collaborating and communication with them was a breeze; they were friendly, attentive with prompt and clear updates on the progress of the project. While their services may not be the cheapest option, the outstanding results and the overall experience made it well worth the price. I would not hesitate to work with them again in the future.

Brett S, Fine Home Contracting

Overall, I highly recommend Fine Home Contracting. They made this project smooth and the results were amazing. I will be using them again for a bathroom remodel I am planning for next year. They are top-notch!

Robert C, Fine Home Contracting

Fine Home Contracting has done several remodeling jobs for us. Their work is of the highest quality. They show up on time and keep the job site clean and neat during construction. I highly recommend Fine Home Contracting.

Richard G, Fine Home Contracting

We used Fine Home Contracting LLC to put an addition on our master bedroom. We would highly recommend them to anyone and if we ever decide to add on or do any large home maker over projects wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again. They were always professional and courteous, and always let us know when someone would be coming ahead of time. Anytime I had a question no matter how small, it was always answered in a very timely manner.

Melissa H, Fine Home Contracting

How Does it Work?

Four easy steps for any addition.


Step 1 – Meet The Team

Come to our office and sit down with a project manager, interior designer, and company leadership.

What we chat about:

  • Our Company and Process
  • Key feasibility points ( zoning, health department, building department requirements)
  • Cost per square foot and budget


Step 2 – Retainer

Signing a retainer mobilizes our team.

  • Onboarding in our Project Management Software
  • Project manager inspects the property
  • Plans are drawn
  • Interior designer creates finish choices
  • Town / City proposals are submitted.


Step 3 – Under Contract

 Plans and Selections are finalized.

  • Contract is formalized and signed
  • Deposit is submitted
  • Project is put on production board


Step 4 – Production

 Work starts on the build

  • Full Project Schedule is finalized
  • Weekly Progress Reports and Meetings
  • Daily Joblogs with Photos
  • Progress Payments and Inspections.
  • Project Completion

Our Design + Build Process

About Average Addition Costs:

The average cost of an addition varies, but usually starts around $375 a square foot.

For spaces where plumbing is required, such as kitchens or bathrooms, costs start around $550 a square foot.

200 Sq Ft500 Sq Ft
Normal Addition$75,000$187,000
Kitchen or Bathroom$110,000$275,000

How Long Does an Addition Take?

The average addition project takes between 6-8 Months including planning, pulling permits, demolition, and construction.

The largest delays in addition projects tend to be waiting time for materials to arrive or for permits to be approved by local building authorities.

We Handle All Sorts of Additions:

  • In-law Suites and Accessory Dwellings
  • Master Suite Additions
  • Garages and Pool-houses
  • “Bump-out” Additions
  • Second and Third Story Additions

Home Addition FAQs:

Are home office additions tax-deductible?2023-11-10T20:02:24+00:00

Generally, home office additions are not directly tax-deductible. However, you may be eligible for tax benefits if the home office is exclusively used for business purposes and meets specific criteria. It’s recommended to consult with a tax professional to determine your eligibility and understand the applicable tax regulations in your jurisdiction.

What are the differences between a custom and pre-built sunroom?2023-10-16T19:28:40+00:00

Custom sunrooms offer full design flexibility, allowing homeowners to create a unique, tailored space that integrates seamlessly with their home’s architecture. This customization, however, comes at a higher cost and involves a longer construction timeline. Pre-built sunrooms, in contrast, come in standardized designs with limited customization options, making them a cost-effective and quicker solution for those looking for a sunroom addition.

What is the difference between a 3 and 4 season room?2023-10-16T19:26:44+00:00

The primary difference between three-season rooms and four-season rooms is their year-round usability and insulation. Three-season rooms are designed for mild weather, while four-season rooms are built to offer comfort in all seasons, making them suitable for colder climates like Connecticut.

How long does a sun room addition take?2023-10-16T19:25:59+00:00

On average, the construction of a typical sunroom in Connecticut can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. A three-season sunroom might be completed in a shorter timeframe, while a four-season sunroom with additional features and complex design may take longer. It’s essential to discuss the estimated construction timeline with your chosen sunroom contractor. They can provide a more accurate schedule based on your specific project’s requirements and circumstances.

How much does it cost to add on a sunroom?2023-10-16T19:25:32+00:00

The cost of constructing a sunroom can vary widely depending on various factors, including the type of sunroom, its size, materials, design, and any additional features or amenities. On average, you can expect to invest between $10,000 to $70,000 or more for a sunroom addition in Connecticut.

How much does a second story addition cost?2023-10-16T17:07:23+00:00

The price of adding a second story to a home varies, but the average cost in Connecticut is around $145,000 including labor, materials, permitting, and inspections. Second story additions range from as low as 500$ a square foot, to up to 800$ a square foot. Additions with plumbing and electrical work such as those that contain kitchens and bedrooms tend to be more expensive.

What are the first steps to planning a second story addition?2023-10-16T16:57:14+00:00

The initial steps include evaluating your available space, defining your needs, establishing a budget, and consulting with professionals such as architects and contractors to create a comprehensive plan for the project.

How does a second story addition affect my home’s property value?2023-10-16T16:56:56+00:00

The average return on investment for a two-story addition is about 83%. If you are considering selling your home in the future, this could financially benefit you.

Can my existing foundation support a second story addition?2023-10-16T16:56:09+00:00

The existing foundation’s capacity to support a second story addition depends on its strength and condition. Consult with professionals, such as structural engineers, to assess and reinforce the foundation as needed.

Are there any restrictions on the use of in-law suites?2023-10-16T14:11:15+00:00

Restrictions on in-law suites vary from town to town in Connecticut. Common restrictions may include occupancy limits, rental limitations, parking requirements, accessory structure size constraints, health and safety code compliance, and potential homeowner’s association (HOA) restrictions. It’s important to consult your local zoning and building department to understand the specific restrictions and requirements that apply to in-law suites in your area to ensure compliance and avoid potential legal issues or fines.

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