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Custom tailored design assistance for every room in your home, with a dedicated contracting team on standby.

Why Design With Fine Home?


Our designers have over 15 years of experience transforming homes and understand how to optimize form and function.


We provide completely customized design services tailored specifically to your unique preferences and needs.


Our designers specialize in getting to know each client’s unique personality and lifestyle to create customized spaces that fit them perfectly.

Peace of Mind

Our commitment to detail and focus on exceeding client expectations means you can feel at ease. We handle everything related to your project, keeping it on time and on budget so you can relax.

Project Management

Dedicated project managers and contractors on staff to handle your demolition and remodel, without a long list of subcontractors.

Meet the Design Team

Stephanie Sponzo

Owner, Sponzo Interiors LLC

  • Partnered Designer

Stephanie has been working with clients since 2020 to create spaces that are historically-minded and connected to nature. She won’t use trends or fads to inform your design – instead, every recommendation made will be personally tailored to the lifestyle you want. The result will be a space that’s yours and only yours.

Using a nuanced knowledge of materials, history, ergonomics, and design theory, Fine Home Contracting and Sponzo Interiors will work together to transform the way you feel when you’re home for years to come.

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