If you’re approaching a kitchen or bathroom remodel, there’s a pretty high chance you’ll be working with tile: The past few years have seen a huge resurgence in tile backsplash, flooring, feature walls, and shower systems. Unfortunately, tile is also a very niche skill, and the quality of your installation depends heavily on the experience and skill of your installer. In this guide, we’re going to run through a few of the telltale signs of bad tile installation, and detail what can be done to fix or mitigate any unsightly or failed installs. If you’re gearing up for a large remodel, it’s important to have the skills, knowledge, and oversight to identify these issues before they become permanent parts of your home.

Tile FAQs

How much is tile per square foot?2023-11-14T14:35:34+00:00

Tile installation generally costs between $10-$20 per square foot, not including the cost of materials. Tiles themselves range between $5-$50 depending on material, style, and manufacturer. After additional costs like tools, spacers, and adhesive, most tile installs cost about $20-$70 per square foot.

What should I consider when choosing tiles to avoid common issues?2023-11-14T14:31:59+00:00

Consider factors such as tile size, thickness, and material. Additionally, consulting with a professional can help you choose tiles suitable for your specific project and minimize potential issues.

Can I fix cracked or chipped tiles on my own?2023-11-14T14:31:33+00:00

Fixing cracked or chipped tiles may require careful removal and replacement. It’s recommended to consult with a professional installer for larger repairs to ensure a seamless result.

What are the common signs of a bad tile installation?2023-11-14T14:31:11+00:00

Common signs include crooked tiles, uneven tile spacing, visible lippage, cracked or chipped tiles, and excessive grout. These issues can impact both aesthetics and functionality.

Can too much grout be fixed after tile installation is complete?2023-11-14T14:27:56+00:00

Excessive grout can be addressed by carefully removing the excess and reapplying the grout to achieve a more balanced look.

Can uneven tiles be fixed without replacing them?2023-11-14T14:27:36+00:00

Yes, some uneven tiles can be fixed through leveling techniques without the need for a complete replacement. In cases where slight unevenness is present, grinding or sanding the edges of the tiles can be effective. This method requires careful precision to avoid damaging the tiles but can provide a quick solution for minor lipping issues.

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