Looking to add some light to your kitchen? The kitchen and the bathroom are seen as the two places in your home that get the most attention. So, you should plan accordingly to make it as comfortable as possible. As you may have visitors in your kitchen, it only makes sense to make your space amazing and creative. A thoughtful lighting design can turn your kitchen from a barely functional space to the centerpiece of your kitchen. However, as kitchen islands are built to serve many purposes at once, it can be a challenge to zero in on the correct lighting configuration. Let’s delve into a few key forms of kitchen lighting.

If you’re looking to make the most of your kitchen lighting, it may be worth it to take a look at this post so you can understand the easy to use tips we’re demonstrating.

How Kitchens Usually Get Their Lighting

Once upon a time, the kitchen wasn’t a social hub like it is today. It was just used for simple nourishment and nothing else. Although kitchens weren’t as comfortable as they are now, they did have one advantage: the lighting. The way kitchens used to get their lighting was through a hanging fluorescent tube from the focal point of the roof.

While these lights provided a lot of light, they didn’t influence the space to feel warm and comfortable. When lighting was changed in the kitchen, property holders began investing more energy in a life with loved ones. The alternatives now accessible for use in the kitchen have made it all the more engaging as a social room. The increase in things like kitchen islands and bars in the kitchen have made it all the more welcoming.

Track Lighting

Track lights have improved over the years and are now made with smaller lamps. Track lighting provides the kitchen with good lighting and has grown in popularity over the last few decades. It has many of the same strong recessed lighting characteristics, with less faults in recessed lighting. Track lighting is mounted on the ceiling surface, and individual light fixtures can be conveniently relocated anywhere needed along the track. Often, these individual fixtures can be added or removed if you need more or less light.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is the classic solution to the kitchen lighting dilemma. Often these are called can-lights. With common diameters of 4, 5, and 6 inches, recessed lights provide some necessary areas of the countertop or kitchen island with more than enough illumination. But shadowing is one concern with recessed lighting. Recessed lights are pointed down, and everything in their light’s direction, be it a wall cabinet or a person working at the counter, creates a shadow below the obstruction.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights or even little pendant lights look incredible in any kitchen, particularly when they’re hanging over a bar or table. Pendant lights can come in several shapes, sizes and materials. Glass lights glow while metallic fixtures become an architectural element. When set over an island or peninsula, pendant lights are often used in twos or threes.


Consider hanging a chandelier-style fixture or fixtures over your kitchen island in crystal or glass for a glamorous look. Such types of lights are often larger than pendant lights, but to make food preparation simpler, they also provide adequate lighting over your kitchen counter.

Be sure to take into account the ceiling height, however. Chandelier fixtures have the ability to break up the space, and with high ceilings, they seem to fit best in larger kitchens.

Kitchen light fixtures can be practical as well as appealing. For kitchens, they may provide proper lighting and accentuate and complement a kitchen’s architectural and decorative elements. When you’re deciding on your kitchen lighting, it is important to consider the options we have labeled above for you. A kitchen remodel is a serious decision, so it is important to note that your kitchen should be perfect.

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