Popular Bathroom Styles

When it comes to your bathroom remodel, there are many different styles to choose from. It can be overwhelming trying to coordinate the perfect look that fits both your home and personal style.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most popular bathroom styles and help you determine which of these best fits your space.

1. Traditional

A traditional bathroom style offers a classic look that feels elegant and timeless. Traditional bathrooms feature design elements such as intricate wall tiles, luxurious bathtubs and vanities, and accents like ornate mirrors, classic plumbing fixtures, and elegant wallpaper – most fittingly in a powder room. A traditional style is perfect for those who want to make a statement without sacrificing comfort.


2. Modern/Contemporary

A contemporary bathroom design is all about creating a modern and sleek atmosphere. This style typically features clean lines and minimalistic design, making it perfect for small bathrooms. A contemporary bathroom should have neutral colors and modern fixtures. To complete the look, add geometric patterns and polished metals.

Some popular features of contemporary bathrooms include glass-enclosed showers, floating vanities and integrated sinks. With the right design, you can create a stylish bathroom that looks modern and inviting.

3. Transitional

The transitional style pairs the classic, time-tested appeal of a traditional look with the clean silhouettes and understated color palette of contemporary style. Common elements include shaker-style vanities paired with sleek hardware, and countertops made from marble, quartz, or light-hued granite. Combined with streamlined lighting and mirrors, and a hint of embellishment in the form of molding and trim, the transitional bathroom style is always a winner… Currently the most popular bathroom style according to a report by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Blending the traditional with the contemporary, this style is perfect if you gravitate towards designs that are balanced – neither too minimalistic nor too ornate.

4. Rustic

Rustic bathroom designs are a great way to bring an old-world charm and warmth to your home. This look is meant for those who want to embrace natural elements, including wood, stone, and terracotta tiles. Characteristic features of rustic bathrooms include wooden cabinets, furniture with a distressed or antique finish, and a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Designs for a small bathroom can also easily incorporate rustic elements, such as wooden shelves, a vintage sink, and a dramatic granite countertop. Adding some rustic elements to your bathroom will create a natural and warm atmosphere.

5. Coastal

Bring that beachy feeling indoors with a coastal style bathroom. Featuring a light and airy atmosphere with breezy color palettes, washed out woods, and natural textures, this look is perfect for small bathroom designs or modern bathroom designs. Utilize white-washed furniture, beach-inspired accessories, and delicate floral prints to achieve a timeless yet beachy atmosphere. To make your coastal bathroom design ideas come to life, incorporate unique light fixtures such as sea glass lamps or rope-wrapped chandeliers.

For smaller bathrooms, consider adding a sea patterned wallpaper for an unexpected but classic touch. No matter the size of your bathroom, you can bring that beachside vibe into your home with a coastal design!

6. Farmhouse

The farmhouse style is a popular choice for many modern bathroom designs. Farmhouse bathrooms feature classic elements like shiplap, exposed beams, and vintage-inspired fixtures that lend a cozy, homey feel to the space. If you’re looking for a timeless look, farmhouse style is a great choice. There are also plenty of farmhouse designs for small bathrooms. Look for furniture pieces with a rustic or vintage feel, and make sure to include plenty of white or neutral colors for a bright, airy atmosphere.

You can also opt for plenty of wood accents and unique fixtures to really tie the space together. Small bathroom designs in the farmhouse style often focus on simple lines, natural materials, and plenty of light and airy elements to create a charming yet modern look.

7. All-White

If you are looking for a timeless bathroom design, then all-white is a perfect choice. All-white bathroom designs create a clean and crisp look that won’t ever go out of style. Whites make the perfect backdrop to add your favorite decorative items, like brightly colored towels or vases. You can create a contemporary white bathroom by mixing different textures, such as glossy white tiles with matte paint finishes.

You could also consider adding a white marble vanity to bring some texture and luxury to the design. Small bathrooms are perfect for all-white designs, as it will make them appear much larger than they actually are.

8. Industrial

The industrial style blends functionality with edgy and modern aesthetics, creating a space that is both stylish and practical. Industrial bathroom design ideas can be as simple as using exposed pipes and distressed wood to create an eye-catching focal point. Try incorporating bold metals like steel and brass for a truly industrial feel.

For a more subtle approach, consider adding concrete, natural stone or wood to the walls and floors. Industrial lighting, such as metal cage pendants, help bring in an industrial element without overpowering the room. With the right touches, an industrial-style bathroom can be a great way to add a unique touch to your home.

9. Bohemian

This is my favorite! After 17 years in the industry, I find value in every style. So my personal tastes have become eclectic. Bohemian bathroom designs encompass a mix of different textures, colors, and patterns. This type of design is perfect for those who want to express their individuality and add a touch of creativity. The idea is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere with a touch of whimsy.

When choosing Bohemian-style bathroom decor, it’s important to include elements that reflect your own personal style. You can incorporate brightly colored rugs, wall art, and plants to give the space a more inviting vibe. If you’re looking to update a small bathroom, you can take advantage of the bohemian style by adding colorful textiles or patterned wallpaper. A freestanding tub can also add a touch of luxury and makes a fantastic focal point for the room.

I hope this list helps you to envision your new bathroom design. With so many different styles to choose from, there’s sure to be one that perfectly aligns with your taste and lifestyle.

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Written by Stephanie Stromberg

Published On: April 13th, 2023 / Categories: Bathroom Remodeling Tips, Interior Design Inspirations /

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