Can you believe it’s 2023? No, me neither! Life moves so fast, but now that the holidays are over, we have an opportunity to evaluate the ways in which we can improve our lives and our homes. I’m going to highlight some design trends (both large and small) that are sure to make a big impact this coming year. Feel free to save these design trend tips!

Color Trends:
Soft blush pinks, corals, and terracotta will be big in 2023 as designers are moving away from all white and gray decor. Even as an accent color, a throw pillow, or area rug, romantic warm tones will definitely liven up any space.

If staying light and bright is your thing, I would recommend Sherwin Williams Alabaster. It has just the slightest touch of warmth, and truly goes with EVERYTHING.

If you’re ready for a more dramatic shift this year, I would suggest a deep jewel tone in the green or blue family with a lacquered finish. This would look amazing in a dining room, powder room, or applied to antique piece of furniture.

Think less harsh overhead lighting, and more lamp lighting, undercabinet lights in the kitchen, or a wall sconce in the bathroom. Ambient lighting creates a wonderful glow, and adds to the mood and tone of a space without overpowering.

Something we’ve been talking about for a long time, but it’s becoming increasingly relevant. Asking where and how something is made. Choosing materials that are built to last – like the cabinets and stone counters that we at FHC love… These are materials that will stand the test of time, staying out of landfill, and retaining their value.

Room Conversion:
Many of us have that room or space that gets little use. Maybe it’s an extra bedroom, basement, or even a formal living room. Why not convert that under-appreciated space into a home gym, yoga studio, or designated relaxation room filled with plants and built-in book shelves?

New Design Resources:
Your space can really make an impact on your overall health and happiness, and that’s why in 2023, FHC is offering a new way to conceptualize your project goals with a professional designer before making a big commitment. With an affordable Design Package, you and I can discuss the pros and cons of different style options, fixtures, and finishes, draw up plans, make edits, and go shopping together! There is no rush and every decision is made confidently. Best of all, the cost of a design package is credited towards your renovation budget. The entire process feels clear and comprehensive.

I hope you’re feeling as inspired as I am! I have more ideas to share, so please feel free to reach out. And Happy New Year!

Published On: January 4th, 2023 / Categories: Interior Design Inspirations /